Chris Fenton, Feeding the Dragon or feeding the right?

Hollywood agents are taught to be the first to memorialize their version of events thus rewriting the history according to their own self-interest. And aren’t autobiographies just another way of rewriting one’s past to conform to one’s self-image, regardless of objective truth. Innuendoes and half-truths take on the image of fact, even when that’s not the case.

So, how does an ex-Hollywood agent – rehabilitate his reputation? Easy. If you have alienated everyone in a certain spectrum, the left in this case – you switch to the right and play nice with conservatives.


That’s exactly what Chris Fenton, author of the book Feeding the Dragon: Inside the Trillion Dollar Dilemma Facing Hollywood, the NBA, & American Business, has done. In pumping his book, Fenton has made the rounds on the conservative media outlets, including Tucker Carlson, The Epoch Times and Steve Bannon’s War Room podcast. He publicly states that Steve Bannon, who was recently indicted for fraud, is a “friend”. Nice to have a friend that’s under indictment. Great conversation starter at parties. But the real elephant in the room is why – why the sudden change of sides?


Previously published accounts at True Hollywood Talkseem to point at the real reason he’s gone from being a Hollywood liberal to an arch conservative: he has nowhere left to turn. Having been fired from William Morris, MBST Management and DMG Entertainment, it seems that Mr. Fenton has run out of people to bilk. The former head of MBST publicly stated that he was let go for cause after “some bad shit went down.” Published accounts cite sources that state Fenton attempted to steal clients.


Still, the move to the right is curious. After spending years as a standard issue Hollywood schmoozer, with no more loyalty than any other shark finned agent, Mr. Fenton suddenly steps to the right. The reason he gives both in the book and in a number of taped interviews is “introspection”. So somehow, the general public is supposed to believe that after profiting handsomely on business deals with the Chinese that other people put together, Fenton has suddenly started having a “conscious” now that he is no longer on that gravy train. That would be an interesting development, considering the wreckage he’s left in his professional wake. But, since when does an agent have a conscious?


All that being said, the right will take any entertainment converts they can get, even ones who only played on the sidelines and take positions they’ve never taken in the past, just to sell some books and get on TV. But, as it will probably play out, no one really likes a turn coat on either side and he’ll be discarded as soon as he’s no longer useful.




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